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Business process knowledge
+ Product expertise
+ Breadth/Depth of Experience
= Efficient implementation + Superior outcomes

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Altumind aims to change the widely observed “reality” of enterprise application implementations under delivering relative to what customers were promised.

Our teams possess domain knowledge, business  process expertise and technology smarts that complement proven delivery methodologies and project management capabilities. This makes it easier for your in-house teams to work with us to co-define a strategy and implementation roadmap that’s  well-aligned to your enterprise needs and priorities. Well-begun is half done.

For customers, our approach minimizes the risks of implementations taking longer and going over budget because of unanticipated challenges or avoidable change requests.

We can partner with you to implement package and custom-built solutions covering enterprise business functions including Finance, CRM, HR, IT, Procurement and Operations. Our implementation methodologies and process accelerators have evolved by drawing on our experience of many implementations across industry sectors and enterprise size/complexity.

Built on industry standard principles, our approach to implementations is prescriptive, optimized for rapid deployment and streamlined for scalability; it can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


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